All-Star Week in Minneapolis – Cassie Kautzman

After a crazy week of events, I finally have time to sit down and reflect on all of the chaos that was All Star Week!

My week started that Friday, July 11. I headed to the Convention Center to help the technology team set up scanners for the opening of FanFest. During that time, I watched as the greats, Rod Carew, Tony Oliva and Bert Byleven, cut the ribbon to indicate the official start of All Star Week. Over the next few days, I walked a lot and slept a little. I set up phones, media rooms, patched cables, and had many more tasks. With that said however, the amount of work that I did paled in comparison to what the technology team was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. I have never seen anyone work harder than these guys!

Aside from work though, there are many moments I will fondly look back on. From seeing all the excitement at FanFest to getting a glimpse at some celebrities during the Celebrity Softball Game to witnessing one of my favorite players (Justin Morneau) participate in the Home Run Derby to watching Derek Jeter bat at his last Midsummer Classic, I have been trying to pick one moment as my favorite. But I have realized that I am unable to choose just one, because the entire experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I can’t believe I got the privilege to be a part of.

My Boys – Amanda Rodriguez

After returning from Cooperstown, NY and my 10 week internship with the National Baseball Hall of Fame, countless friends, roommates and family members continuously asked me what my favorite thing was about the Hall — as it is affectionately known.

Typically my answers ranged from the artifact spotlights I did for visitors, or meeting Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith during Induction Weekend, to working closely with our Hall of Fame membership program. Obviously, I was able to take real-world experience away from this internship and place that I worked in one of the most cherished places in all of baseball on my resume.

Now, two summers later, back in Minnesota, I am asked on almost a nightly basis how my day was at my current internship.

Coming to Target Field every day since January, I walk past the home clubhouse and down to the Baseball Communications department. There I work alongside seven men. That is correct; the entire Minnesota Twins Baseball Communications department is male, with the exception of me.

When I learned this tidbit about my new confines, I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in, simply because I am a woman.

This notion was so far from what has ended up happening within our office walls. Between my fellow intern, Patrick, the two coordinators, Mike and Andrew, our Manager, Mitch, Director, Dustin, Team Photographer, Brace and Curator, Clyde, I have been fully accepted as a full-fledged member of the Baseball Communications department and have never experienced a single moment where I felt I did not belong based on my gender.

It is promising to know that sports, as a whole industry, are headed in a direction where women are able to do the jobs which men have held for decades. Although I am not able to wear heels each day to work, as I get my fair share of walking in as an intern, I am the only one in the office to don a skirt or dress on a typically work day. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that I am able to write articles for the yearbook and Twins magazine, make runs to the home and away clubhouses, help out in the press box, make sure broadcasters, writers, radio personalities and the like have everything they need and complete other necessary communications related tasks.

Now, when my friends, roommates and family members ask me what my favorite part about my internship is, I always seem to  answer the people.

Being surrounded by seven men who support me, and are truly assisting in the establishment of my career in sports, is more than I ever thought would happen during my time with the Twins. Each and every day, someone makes sure to give me tasks which have tangible outcomes and will eventually make their way onto my resume.

But for now, I will continue to be grateful for the people whom I am surrounded by. When anyone asks what my favorite thing is about working for the Minnesota Twins, I always answer, my boys — as I affectionately call them.


Today team USA takes on Portugal in their second World Cup match, but that isn’t the only exciting part about today. It was also our Glen Perkins kids jersey giveaway this afternoon at Target Field.

Some of the interns decided to celebrate both early this week, because you never know when there will be a giant American flag hanging around the office!

Go Team USA and win Twins!

twintern flag pic

Interns, All-Stars…same thing right?

As everyone knows, this is a special year for the Minnesota Twins organization as we are hosting the 2014 All-Star Game. That means this Twintern class is getting to do things no other intern class has been apart of before.  With the mid-summer classic nearly a month away, preparations are well under way and we are very lucky each time we get to be involved with the planning. This Tuesday was one of those times.

Twinterns and other members of the Twins’ front office participated in a walk-through for on of the biggest ASG events, the Home Run Derby. We stood in for the AL and NL All-Star representatives that would be on the field during the Derby as planners from both the Twins and MLB gauged the impact the players would have on sight lines from different seating sections.

In truth, none of us probably stacked up very well as physical representations of Mike Trout, Troy Tulowitzki or any of the MLB players that will be at Target Field in July. Nonetheless, it was a great way for us to be a part of the ASG planning. On top of that, it was a chance to get out of the office and enjoy the beautiful weather with each other.


Important Questions from Hope Week- Sondra Ciesielski

Hope Week was one of the most rewarding, fast past, active weeks thus far with the Twins. As a team, we pulled off 7 events in 5 days and raised over $50,000 for charity. We started out fishing with youth from Hope Kids and the Boy and Girls Clubs on Tuesday and ended by playing catch with Military families on the field Sunday. You could definitely see how much this impacts the kids and everyone that was a part of it.

I have so many stories and memories from the week, but a few stood out to me. All with important questions attached to them.

fishing kid

Will you eat my worm?

Are you a baseball player?

I got asked countless times throughout Hope Week if was I a baseball player by the kids. My response, that I am only an intern, was just as cool to the many different youth I encountered that week.

Will you eat my worm?


Take a Picture it last longer!

The highlight of my week was at Fishing with Glen Perkins. I watched a kid go up to Glen Perkins (who was doing an interview) and ask “will you eat my worm?” Confused as Perkins was, the kid finally realized he was talking to a baseball player and ran off. Seeing this kid and every other one have no fear participating and having fun was very rewarding.

Did we just become best friends?

Hope Week created so many memories for so many different people. At the Picnic in the Park event I watched a young girl interact and laugh with Chris Colabello. We proceeded to all laugh and share many stories. Unannounced to any of us, she told Colabello that they are now best friends and needed to take selfies! Of course this led into a magnificent photo shoot between the two that could never be forgotten. The girl than went around to take selfies with every player she met!

These experiences and opportunities don’t come around too often to get right up and personal with professional baseball players so being involved with an organization that works and impacts the community in many different ways brings me such a good feeling.

A Work Day on the Fairway – Adam Van Clay

Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to participate in the annual Minnesota Twins Corporate Partnership golf Event at TPC Blaine. Since starting with the Twins, the Corporate Partnership interns have been given a large variety of tasks from game day promotions to bathroom ad installation. Before yesterday, I thought of clients by signage throughout the ballpark or even what promotion belonged to them to best achieve their “brand activation”. It wasn’t until yesterday that I could start putting faces to the names I must have skimmed over in emails and documents. I was fortunate enough to be placed in a group with a few a great guys and pretty talented golfers as well.

First there was Frank Quilici. Frank played for the Twins as a second baseman and later became the manager as well. Frank may not have been the youngest guy out on the course yesterday, but you would have had a hard time knowing it. His enthusiasm and jokes kept our group laughing through the entire course. The next was Paul Geiwitz, representing PrefferedOne. When playing a long course like TPC Blaine, it’s always nice to have a guy in your group that can drive the ball a country mile down the middle of the fairway and yesterday that guy was Paul. I don’t know how we could have made it through without him. Last but not least was Mike Lewis, representing Schell’s Brewery. Mike provided a lot of really great insight into the distribution business and after a shot (no matter where the ball would end up) you knew you would hear him say something memorable. Another advantage to playing with Mike was he treated us to some of Schell’s best products after in the clubhouse which was thoroughly enjoyed by each of us.

It just went to show me that these people were more than just names on a contract. They were really great guys who all share an incredible amount of passion for the Minnesota Twins. While the weather could have been a bit nicer, the group I was paired with could not and it was a day none of us will forget anytime soon.

Adam with (from L to R) Paul, Frank and Mike.

Adam with his teammates (from L to R) Paul Geiwtiz, Frank Quilici and Mike Lewis.


First App made for the Digital Club House – Van Quach

As for those who don’t know, the Twins have recently filled the concourse with the new Twins Digital Clubhouse. If you have not visited the Twins Digital Clubhouse, it is located on the US. Bank Home Run Porch here at Target Field. The Digital Clubhouse has a couple of really large touch screen monitors and interactive social media aspects. The touch devices are an 80 inch Planar Touch Screen Monitor and a 55 inch Perspective Pixel Touch Device from Microsoft.

As an intern in the Technology Department, I was given the opportunity to make an application where fans can get the chance to interact with the touch screen television in the Twins Digital Clubhouse. My manager wanted me to create a Twins version of the game Tic-Tac-Toe that would run on the large touch devices. In doing so, my supervisor and I brainstormed on how the fan will interact with the devices and some basic requirements were discovered. What better way than some old fashioned fan based Tic-Tac-Toe action where fans can go head to toe with friends and family or maybe even take on the computer in “Single Player” mode? My manager and I also decided that adding a leaderboard to track our best Twins-Tac-Toe player would help players to become more excited and more competitive while having their names recognized for their achievement.

While making the game, I had to learn some new programming methodologies that would make creating applications on these large touch devices. Using WPF, .NET(C#), HTML and SQL, I built Twins-Tac-Toe. Making this app has given me more insight about the necessary tools while making it. As of now, I am currently testing this app and have a few bugs to fix, so more changes will be made before releasing it to the public. Hopefully, Twins-Tac-Toe will be released sooner than the next Twins home game, so stop by the Digital Club House and look for ‘Twins-Tac-Toe’ on your next visit!


Beginning My Twintern Experience- Cassie Kautzman

I have always been a huge Twins fan since I can remember. It’s my dad’s favorite team, so every summer since I was 2 years old, we’ve driven to Minneapolis to watch Twins baseball. We’d wake up at 7:00 AM and drive for 10 hours from Williston, North Dakota to get here the day before a game.

So naturally, when I found out that I would be working at Target Field for the 2014 baseball season, I was ecstatic and called my dad (who was probably more excited than me).

My experience at the Minnesota Twins, thus far, has been an interesting one. From working TwinsFest on one of my very first days to game day duties, I have probably walked around the field upwards of 100 times in less than three months; rain, snow or shine.

cassie 1

Enjoying my first Twins game of the season!

Although I generally am running all over the baseball field, one day I decided  to wear heels and a skirt because there was a high of 61° (basically swimsuit season in Minnesota). That morning I came into work hoping I wouldn’t have to walk the usual 5K. It was smooth sailing until 11AM when my boss, Ryan, told me that there were ticket kiosks around the field that needed to be set up. Now I don’t always wear a skirt and heels, but when I do I am kneeling/crawling on the concrete of the concourse. Needless to say, it was the first and the (hopefully) last time I make that mistake.

Despite my fashion faux pas, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I have gained so much experience in such a short amount of time that I can’t imagine how much I will learn in the coming months. My internship with the Minnesota Twins has been a blast and I can’t wait for what else is in store!

cassie 2

Fixing ticket kiosks around the concourse in style!

Shoveling Target Field- Sondra Ciesielski

April weather in Minnesota is one of the most unpredictable things in life. The first few games of the opening home stand were gorgeous with the temperatures fluctuating between 50°-60° in the sun. (Bring out the shorts!) However, on April 16th and 17th this was not the case.

The first doubleheader of the season occurred on April 17th due to inclement weather the previous day which was a robust compilation of snow, rain, and ice. (Bring out my snow boots!) Luckily, Minneapolis got the lesser end of the sloppy mess, but there was still snow in all of the seating sections and baseball to be played!

So the morning of April 17th consisted of clearing ice and snow from the concourse to get ready for the double header that was to be played that day. Luckily, I unconsciously still carry gloves with me in April, even an extra pair for fellow CR intern, Christy. (At least we were prepared for the activity!)

The interns weren’t the only ones shoveling snow and scraping ice in the seats though. It was a group effort that included everyone from part-time staffers to team president, Dave St. Peter. It wasn’t exactly how I anticipated spending my morning, but I was glad to be a part of such an unusual baseball moment!


Shovels in hand, let’s do this!


Christy hard at work breaking the ice.


Can’t Talk Now Mom- Brad Hanson

There is a lot to be done in the world of radio.  We are a very small department, so myself and the other intern, Nick, are tasked with an enormous amount of responsibility.  Among these responsibilities is to interview players before and after games during home stands.  We’re constantly crafting content for our pre-game show and, of course, we like to get reactions from players after every game.

The first couple of home games I worked, I shadowed the vets to get an idea of how things should go, but the game on Sunday the 13th (a 4-3 win over the Royals) was my first experience getting audio by myself in the clubhouse post-game.  My parents had tickets to that day’s game, so naturally my mom called me right after the game to talk to me how her experience.  I had, of course, double and triple checked my phone before I went into the clubhouse, so luckily it was on vibrate.  But right as I finished asking Brian Dozier about the play where he scored from 2nd on a wild pitch, my phone started buzzing.  No one heard it, and it certainly didn’t disrupt anything, but my mom thought it was pretty cool that I couldn’t answer because I was talking to Dozier.  Next time, I turned it off…just in case.


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