And So it Begins – Sondra Ciesielski

As an intern in Community Relations, I never thought I would start my Opening Day experience at 7:00am! The day started by serving breakfast on the plaza. An assembly line created a drive-through-like experience for the downtown drivers. This was only the beginning of all the festivities that were to occur on Opening Day!

The place was buzzing with so many excited faces throughout front office, security and guest services staff for the start of the 2014 season. I watched the flag get unraveled, the national anthem being sung, and even saw Oscar-Nominated actor Barkhad Abdi throw out the first pitch.

To make the day even better, the Twins launched our new electronic “Split the Pot” raffle which generated the largest amount ever (more than $15,000) for the Twins Community Fund!

Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better Opening Day experience. Now that it’s over and the season is underway, all I can say is Go Twins!


Race of Our Dreams – Kaitlin Becker

Ever wonder who’s running as Bullseye, Babe, Skeeta, Louie and Wanda? Well sometimes it’s us, the interns. That was the case on Opening Day at Target Field.

Growing up as MN Twins fans, most of us would sit in the stands and cheer on our favorite mascots in the mascot race at the top of every 5th inning. Never in a million years did we imagine ourselves being the ones to race around Target Field, with the hopes of being the fan favorite.

Opening Day brought that childhood dream to reality as we dashed around the warning track of the field, of course making sure to not step on the grass, run into the walls (or each other), all while trying to maintain our vision through the eye holes.

Thankfully, no one was injured and we successfully represented the interns in the first mascot race of the 2014 season!

Ain’t Snow Mountain High Enough

As interns of a major league baseball club, we do our best to dress, speak and act professionally. But let’s be honest, we are still just a bunch of kids at heart! So when the opportunity to climb a giant snow pile comes, it’s pretty hard to pass up.

A group of Twinterns participated in a social media photo-shoot this afternoon with the Twins Social Media Coordinator, Keith Beise. Part of the shoot involved us carefully scaling a pile of snow/ice on the plaza. Here are a few photos from our adventure.


Snow is suppose to be white, right? At least the dress code is business-casual, not formal!


A view from the top.


We discovered that climbing up had been the easy part. Luckily Keith was there for moral support!


The end result!

Playing in the snow is fun (especially when it’s 48° and sunny) but here’s hoping it melts away soon. After all, we have baseball at Target Field in just 4 weeks!


We’re Back!

It’s March and Twins baseball is back! A new season means a new crop of Twinterns and with them, the first Twinternal Perspective post of 2014!

This year the Twintern class is larger than ever. In fact, we’re big enough to make up our own 40-man roster, and then some. So be sure to expect big things from us!

…Maybe not quite as big as the star-studded Oscar selfie that managed to break Twitter this weekend. But hey, we’ll give it our best shot!


A look back from a 2013 Twins Ticket Office Intern- Colleen Seeker

From start to finish, the Twins do an exceptional job of engaging fans; Opening day truly is a celebration in Twins Territory, from Breakfast on the Plaza and pregame festivities, to the front office looking sharp in their suits. I had so much fun fighting the frigid cold weather at 6 a.m. to serve coffee and hot chocolate to the diverse group of people that came through the plaza on their way to work. Closing out the season with Fan Appreciation Weekend was a great way to say thank you. One of the most rewarding experiences I had this season was taking a family of four from section 302 and bringing them down to sit behind home plate in section 114. The look on the two little boys’ faces when I escorted them to their new seats was priceless and the genuine gratitude I received from the parents was an experience I will definitely take with me.

Working all of the games was hands down one of the most beneficial aspects of being a ticket office intern. Every game is different and you have to be prepared to handle anything that is thrown your way from computer and ticket issues, to scalpers, to rainout games and numerous other obstacles that arise each game. The group that works in the box office is second to none; the number one thing that I will take away from my internship is the power of teamwork. From top to bottom they truly are a family in the ticket office.

I was one of the interns who worked to make a networking trip to New York. I can easily say this was a trip I will never forget. In just two days we met with and toured the MLB Commissioner’s Office, MLB Advanced Media, MLB Network, MLB Productions, MLB Fan Cave and Yankee Stadium. The people we met and the wealth of information they offered was extremely valuable. Each group offered something different and it was great to see how the other side of Major League Baseball operates. We also had a chance to attend a New York Yankees game and a New York Mets game, both of which were a great experience to see what other teams do. Without this internship I would never have gotten the opportunity to visit the MLB offices which is one of the numerous reasons I am thankful for the opportunity to have been a Minnesota Twins Intern this season!


My 2013 Top 10 List of Community Relations Memories – Nathan Jobe

Wow, the 2013 season is over. I remember receiving a phone call from the Twins back in December saying I was selected as the Community Fund Intern. Since then, a full year has almost pasted and hands down, I gained invaluable work experience in professional baseball. I took a trip down memory lane reminiscing about my favorite experiences with the Minnesota Twins while being an intern in the Community Relations Department.

My top 3 moments:

3. Fishing with Glen Perkins. In June, during the annual Twins Hope Week, I assisted Perkins by organizing the event on Lake Harriet and invited youth from the Boy’s and Girl’s Club to fish with Twins players and staff. Each kid was able to take pictures with their favorite players and most importantly, take home their own fishing pole. Such a rewarding day!

2. Twins/Toro Field Rebuild Day. In ONE day Twins and Toro employees partnered up to rebuild an entire baseball field in St. Paul, MN. With months of preparation and organizing event logistics, new sod was laid, fences were renovated, bleachers were painted, and new agri-lime was placed in the infield.

1. Live Broadcast Auction. The Minnesota Twins and Fox Sports North teamed up to raise money for the Twins Community Fund by auctioning off 10 items or experiences during two away games. Along with Twins Staff, I helped gathered the prestigious items that were being auctioned off each night and administered the phone bank set up in the press box for viewers to call in bids during the broadcast.

And rounding out the top 10…

4. Attending Twins Community Fund Board Meetings with members from the surrounding area.

5. Competing in the Mascot Race as Louie the Loon on Opening Day.

6. Taking baseball legend, Tony Oliva to the State Fair to play mini baseball with children.

7. Representing the Twins at Bloom, a gala for the TreeHouse (nonprofit) and watching Josh Groban  

    perform a private concert for all attendees.

8. Running around the ballpark in a fish costume announcing “happy fish opener day!”

9. Assisting at the 2013 RBI World Series.

10. Getting HIT in the face by a baseball during a fantasy camp and getting a concussion, ouch!


A look back as the Twins Emerging Markets Intern- Vanessa Medina

It’s so crazy how quickly six months passes by.  I honestly remember Opening Day like it was yesterday, being bundled up in jackets with the bitter wind blowing in my face as I waited for 40 kids to arrive. They didn’t care how cold it was; they were excited to stand on the field and high five the players coming out of the dugout for both the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins.

I don’t think this season couldn’t have gone any faster, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun. The results certainly could have been better on the field but regardless of that I learned SO much while working for the Twins. I had the opportunity to meet people who inspire me and interact with some of the most loyal fans in sports. I got to be a part of TV commercial shoots, radio recordings, creating a website and all things relating to our diverse fan base. This internship has been challenging, fun and everything I could have hoped it would be. I’ve learned things that only could have been gained by being here with my supervisors and coworkers.

There are so many moments I’ll never forget most of those moments occur during this Minnesota Winter!! I’ve lived in California, Tennessee and Texas so needless to say this was my first real winter in 22 years, I tried to handle it like a champ but by April I’m sure my friends and family were sick of hearing me say “it’s cold.”  I slipped on ice countless times but I only remember the one time I actually fell. I remember walking out to my car in April and still having to scrape the snow off my windshield. 

Besides that I’m going to remember the relationships that were formed here and the times I laughed so hard I couldn’t catch my breath.  2013 was a big transitional year for me; I just graduated and moved out on my own without knowing anybody for the first time in my life and got to start my career in sports. When someone asks me what’s the one thing I’ll miss about working for the Twins my response will always be the people I work with. Image

A summer of decoding the Twins -Carlos Fitts

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This has been one of the best summers so far, one of my highlights since I got here; working for the Twins is a great experience, read and you’ll know why…

On the first day I didn’t know what to expect, I dressed up really formal, had my orientation, and by the end of the day I was already with my sleeves rolled, carrying stuff out of my cube; and cleaning it….. Is that what technology people really do? – It turns out that was only day 1.

My first week was really exciting, my first ever formal meeting, where I got assigned to make some signs for our department presentation. I will never forget T3CH T@LK 2Nite, with Johnny and his iPhone battery joke. Ryan showed me some cool stuff to set my computer up, like ( you should really try it ), and he would tour Target Field with me for the first week. Then I got my computer ready and Shelley told me I needed to install SQL Server. SEQUOL WHAT? I’ve never heard much about it, so I had to do something about it. She gave me a book, and throughout the next week I just studied it and ended up learning a lot… till James showed me his work on SQL and I realized I didn’t know much at all.

Then my first project came. James tried explaining it to me, but this is what he showed me : 10203,40503046,02304,03460,6908709,406036,70,067506.030530405304.345.345.36.7659866.6.0007.0.0.06076.0.6.066..… I knew computers read 1s and 0s but; REALLY? That feeling of “How am I ever going to figure this one out” was in me for the next few days, till I met my best friend in programming… . This has to be the best technology forum there is out there (Try this one too). Later in the week I started making progress and a week later I was done! I felt like I knew so much because I figured out that project fairly easy, but again, James ruined the excitement and showed me his version of the project; and sincerely I couldn’t understand a thing he said.

Later on Shelley came back from one of her 25 trips she took this summer, and she gave me the second project. After talking more about it I realized a couple interns were brave enough to try developing the scary and hated project; but they didn’t quite make it to the end. So of course that same feeling of “How am I ever going to figure this one out” was stronger than ever. But anyhow, I said that I would start working on it.

Ten minutes after I sat back in my desk, the famous “Is it done yet?” started. (Those who understand the joke will get a good laugh). So for the next 2 months I worked on the project I was given, little by little, and I learned that TESTING is even more important than DEVELOPING. Is it done yet? … Yes Brent, Finally!; after 2 months it is done.

Lots of great fun experiences came out of this internship, but if I talked about each it would probably take me 3 months to finish. Some of them are when I got to go down to the field for the first time, when I met Tony Oliva, when I ran the Mascot Race, when I got to the suites for the first time, when I had to work my first 14 hour shift ever, when I got to see my first game from the legends club, when Shelley and Purvi saw RAP (Random Act of Pepper) and decided that they wanted to grow peppers in the office (Where are they BTW??) I knew they would die, all those times I got lost around the stadium, and many more.

It’s been a great learning and fun experience that I would recommend to everyone!

Thanks a lot Technology Team!


A Look Back on Hope Week 2013 – Community Relations Interns

A Look Back on Hope Week 2013 – Community Relations Interns

As we sit here and reminisce on our Hope Week experience, we still remember the impact we made on so many kids lives. Sometimes the days get behind you, but this was truly a week to remember.

Birthday Gift Donations – Ken Brown

Looking back at Hope Week, Birthday donations seemed like a small part of the activities at first, but it turned out to exceed expectations. When we first put the donations bin in the third floor lobby, it stayed empty for a few days. I started thinking about going out and purchasing a large amount of toys from the dollar store myself. By the end we collected an amount of toys and gifts that would be sure to put a smile on any kids face.

Feed My Starving Children –Elise Henkemeyer

Hands were washed and hairnets were put on; this was the beginning to Hope Week 2013! The Minnesota Twins kicked off Hope Week by volunteering at Feed My Starving Children. Teams were chanting and cheering as box after box was completed.  Overall, we packed 105 boxes, providing an amazing 22,000 meals for people in Nicaragua.  After 90 minutes of scooping soy and rice into a funnel, (trying to get the measurements just right so that we would be within the weight restrictions) it was rewarding to see those numbers and what we were able to accomplish.


Picnic in the Park –Nathan Jobe

How many children have the opportunity to have a pizza party with Joe Mauer? Deserving kids from the Gillette Children’s Hospital received a special invite to be a guest at Mauer’s Pizza Party. Mauer, along with other Twins players mingled with children and their families, inspiring them to stay strong during this challenging time. Other than enjoying the tasty Papa John’s pizza, the children had an opportunity to play catch with a few players, take plenty of pictures, and receive autographs from their favorite players.


Veteran Visit – Elise Henkemeyer

The Minnesota Twins made a trip to the VA Hospital during Hope Week to hang out with some very deserving veterans. Ron Gardenhire, former Twin Tim Laudner, Twins players, front office staff and T.C. spent the hour chatting, signing autographs, sharing stories, and taking pictures. Tears filled a patient’s eyes as he shook hands and took a picture with Gardy. Veterans were so appreciative and grateful for the visit.


Fish with the Kids –Nathan Jobe

Hands down, fishing on Lake Harriet was a favorite HopeWeek event amongst the Twins players and staff. The day included fishing with children from the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, while enjoying a picnic of delicious food. Words can’t describe the impact the Twins players and staff had on the lives of these children. I have never witness more smiling faces. Not one kid went home unhappy, as they all caught plenty of fish and got to keep their fishing pole!


Field Day – Ken Brown

As one of the last events of Hope Week, Field Day for the kids was at the top of the list for being the most interesting. When thinking about Field Day and trying to gather and instruct so many kids at once, anyone can probably think of all the things that could have gone wrong. But kids love to play and run around, and once we got to doing so, they were teaching us how to play the games instead of the other way around. As Hope Week continues, I’m sure Field Day will always be a day of surprises.


Father’s Day Catch  – Elise Henkemeyer

Military families crowded right field on the last day of Hope Week to participate in a game of catch. Minus a little girl ending up with a bloody nose, it was a perfect Father’s Day for many of these service members and their kid(s). The sun was shining, players were signing autographs and there were smiles on everyone’s face. It was a great end to a perfect week.


Take Me Out to the Ballgame! -Lizz Downey

Ever wonder what a day in the life of musical cheerleader Sue Nelson is like? Take a look at her performance during the seventh inning stretch!

Fans crowd around the smiley and energetic woman as her foot moves from peddle to peddle and her fingers flow over the organ keys. Notes pump out of the instrument and in return the crowd yells “CHARGE!” She has the power to pump the fans up or create suspension. Visit her in the Two Gingers Pub on the terrace level of Target Field for tons of laughs and lots of cheering.


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