Broadcast Auction – Cedric Cyrus

The past few days have been real hectic. This past week I’ve done everything from setting up an auction, testing for the auction, participating in the auction, and tearing down the auction all for charity. Two auction days and 24 hours of work from me alone, I was not by myself however I had the help of fellow interns and employees from around Target Field.

Monday was the opening day for the Minnesota Twins 2012 Broadcast Auction where Minnesota Twins memorabilia was sold in a phone in auction over the course of two days while the Twins were in Chicago playing the White Sox. The auction took place in Target field’s press box and the money rose from the items all go to the Twins Community fund which help communities throughout Twins Territory. Overall the Auction made about $25,100 over the two nights on the 10 Items.

When it came to setting up for the auction I, along with a few others, had the task of setting up a mini call center in the press box. This included IP phones, laptops, headsets, and the broadcast auction application itself for the volunteers to submit a bidders’ information. The set up itself took around two hours Monday morning with approximately an hour or so of testing. But as we all know things don’t always go the way they should and we still ended up with a 15 to 20 minute delay when the auction started due to errors that I still don’t understand in the phone system. Once the auction was underway the bidding wars started it was a site to see with all the volunteers in the press box answering phones, trying to raise money for the Twins Community fund.

The Fox Sports North Girls helping out with the Broadcast Auction.

Tuesday night the auction was just as good even though the bids came in a little slower to start. I will say having the Fox Sports North crew along with Bryan Donaldson made the night a little more interesting. The bidding wars for that night didn’t come along until the end of the game unfortunately the Twins lost to the South Siders but that didn’t stop people from bidding on some of the amazing items that were being auctioned. $3,000 was the high bid for a Poster honoring the “All-Time Team” selected as part of the Twins 40th year celebration, signed by Earl Batty, Kent Hrbek, Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, Gary Gaetti, Greg Gagne, Kirby Puckett, Jim Perry, Bert Blyleven, Jim Kaat, Frank Viola, Al Worthington, Jeff Reardon, Rick Aguilera, Paul Molitor, and Randy Bush. Unfortunately a few of these players are no longer with us and bidders started to recognize the significance of the piece and drove the price higher.

Towards the end of a successful auction night, the next step was to tear down of all the computers, phones, etc. During this time we talked about how well the auction turned out and how fun it was to be a part of. It’s something that I would do again just because there is always a need for technology support and giving my time to help others is never a problem. Once everything was cleaned up and the equipment was locked away it was time for Shelley Andrews and me to head out the building with the feeling of knowing that we helped someone somewhere.

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