A Whole New Taste of Target Field – Community Relations Interns

Ken Brown:

We’ve all had a moment where we tried something before knowing what it was. During the Target Field Food Day that person was me when trying the Canteen Burger. On the first bite you may think this was just a normal burger with some really good spices and seasoning. Then that moment comes when you find out what you’re eating. It was shocking to hear that I was eating a goat and lamb burger. If I knew what it was before I probably would have passed like many of us who are scared to try new things. However, the Canteen Burger is a good one to try, especially if you want to try something other than the regular ballpark burger. So the moral of my Target Field Food day experience is just to Dive In, and then ask questions.


AZ Canteen Burger

Elise Henkemeyer:

As an intern for one of the best departments at the Minnesota Twins, I was fortunate enough to try out some of the new foods at the ballpark this season.  (As a poor college student, being offered free food is like music to my ears).  I will give you a short walk through of my experience at the food tour.

I had to start the tour off right so I obviously made my way to the State Fair booth first.  I tried out the walleye, cheese curds, and of course the fried pickles! After I filled my stomach about ¾ full with fried food, I tried a loaded baked potato and a goat and lamb burger.  Saving my favorite tasty treat for last, I picked up a buffalo chicken Panino’s Baked Sandwich. Hands down, it’s the number one thing you have to try this season at Target Field!

Unfortunately, I made it to the tour late so I was unable to try all of the mouth-watering goodness at once. I suppose I will just have to stop by each of the stands during the season and try everything I missed!


Panino’s Baked Sandwiches

Nathan Jobe:

Hands down, I love food! Prior to Opening Day, April 1st I was one of the lucky ones to receive a special invite to attend the Target Field Food Day, an event to taste the new ballpark food. As the Food Day approached, I could barely contain the excitement as the scents and smells crept its way up to the Executive Offices. Just imagine, the juicy burgers, the sizzling fajitas, the loaded baked potatoes, the spicy tacos, the massive meatballs, and the sweetest desserts, all prepared and appealing to the eye. But, which was the tastiest? Don’t worry, I scoured the ballpark concessions and restaurants and picked the three most mouth-watering, drooling foods served at Target Field. They are:

1. Spaghetti Pie Panino’s Baked Sandwich

(Stuffed with noodles, meatballs, cheese, and smothered in pasta sauce. No need to travel to Italy, it’s right at the ballpark!)

2. Hrbek’s Fish Tacos

(Spices and seasoning tossed in fish, along with cilantro, guacamole, and sour cream wrapped in a tortilla shell. What a “perfect catch!”)

3. State Fair Cheese Curds

(Deep fried cheese! Enough said.)

My apologies if your stomach is growling after reading my top three foods at Target Field. Come check out the food, it’s all right inside the ballpark. Whenever I smell delicious food in the Executive Offices, I know it’s a game day. Oh, the joys of being an intern for the Minnesota Twins.


Left to right: Ken, Elise, Nathan

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